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March 11, 2024
Street Blog

Maximising efficiency: The power of KPI management for estate agents

Sales Team Lead

KPIs or ‘key performance indicators’ is, undoubtedly, a phrase you’ll be familiar with. Whether you’re a manager who’s setting and monitoring different KPIs for your team, or you’re an agent trying to meet your goals, KPIs are an inescapable yet vital part of any business.

So vital, in fact, that Adobe’s Finance Lead, Parth Kulkarni, has gone as far as attributing measurable KPIs to a business’s success, maintaining that, “as the business environment continues to evolve, so should your approach to KPI management”. 

And that’s true for estate agents too. 

Monitoring your goals and tracking who is helping reach your targets, in an industry as competitive as estate agency, is business critical. However, with the notoriously fast-paced environment of this industry, it can be almost impossible to effectively monitor both individual and company performance with the existing tools that agents have access to. 

But now that’s about to change.

Just like Parth Kulkarni, we recognise the significance of KPIs in estate agency, but we know that managing them isn’t always the easiest, especially when manually tracking with spreadsheets or relying on legacy software.

That’s why it was of utmost importance to us to create a powerful, flexible and, most importantly, insightful Street Dashboard that can be used across any size agency to seamlessly track and action KPIs.

Thanks to the brand-new Street Dashboard, you can see key metrics spanning everything from valuations booked to instructions won - whether that’s on a personal, branch or company level - within seconds of logging into your account. 

You can decide how your metrics are shown… for example, simply as a number, or as a line graph so you can get a better idea of performance trajectory. Plus, by setting Goals against your KPIs, your team not only knows where the business currently stands on performance, but also what the target is - whether that’s for the month, quarter or year.

And that’s not all…

Once in the process of building the dashboard, we realised it was swiftly evolving to become more than just managing KPIs, but rather, giving everyone in the business greater oversight for enhanced productivity and employee focus.

With over 50 data-rich widgets to choose from when creating your dashboards, agents even have access to ‘productivity’ widgets, including things like ‘unread mentions’ to stay on track of message tags, ‘outstanding maintenance jobs’ so nothing gets missed, and even a weather forecast card to properly prepare for property appointments, 

Since the new Street dashboard can be manipulated in any way you want, the possibilities are limitless. Agents could leverage it to implement OKRs, ignite healthy competition between agents with leaderboards, or use it as a performance review system for individual employees. 

So the next time you’re preparing to set the KPIs for the quarter, or you’re looking to see who the top performer in your team is, swap out your spreadsheets and whiteboards for a cleaner, slicker and intuitive dashboard that will streamline your productivity and, in the words of Parth Kalkuni, evolve with your business.

To find out more about the new Street Dashboard click here, and to see what else can do for you, get in touch with our team.