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July 11, 2024
Street Blog

3 tips for smoother, quicker tenant onboarding

Head of Sales

Rental demand in the PRS (Private Rental Sector) is on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing.

Since 2019, demand has increased by 27%, and in the last year, 48% of letting agents surveyed said that the amount of landlords they worked with increased. 

It’s clear that there’s a big opportunity for agents to grow their portfolio to meet that market need – if they have the time and resources to capitalise on it. 

So, how can you make sure your agency is well-equipped to make the most of a busy PRS? 

By streamlining your processes, that’s how. And data from We are Unchained’s Voice of the Agent report shows that pre-tenancy-related tasks are a good place to start. 

According to the report, tasks like tenancy progression (10.1 hours) and viewings (9.2 hours) were the biggest time-sinks for letting agents surveyed. 

The good news? Tech can help. Here’s how can get properties let faster, keep landlords happy, and provide an all-round smoother tenant onboarding experience – so you can truly make the most of high rental demand.

Get listings to market and secure quality applicants in a flash

One of the best ways to keep landlords happy as a letting agent is to get a property to market, and tenanted, as quickly as possible. 

This can be tricky to do, however, when you’re ticking compliance boxes, and marketing properties, manually. 

So, how can tech help you list properties quicker, and give landlords a better pre-tenancy experience?

Craft compliant, compelling property descriptions with AI

As a letting agent, you likely don’t have the time to pen unique, exciting descriptions for every property on your books. 

With Street AI, your agency gains a built-in copywriter that can create compelling property descriptions in seconds, eliminating hours of admin. Just enter key property features, your desired listing length, and choose your tone of voice. 

Plus, with Street AI’s cutting-edge Custom Writing Styles feature, you can even teach AI to write in any style you like (whether that’s your agency’s own, or one you’d like to emulate). All you have to do is upload three pieces of content – then sit back, relax and enjoy quality, tailored property descriptions that will have landlords (and tenants) impressed.

Make booking viewings a no-brainer

With tenant demand higher than ever and agents facing on average 20 applications per property, the last thing you need is to spend all week driving to and from viewings.

The solution? Make sure you’re making the most of your time with block viewings. This not only minimises the risk of time wasted if there’s a no-show, but also means your landlord can review a batch of applicants efficiently, all in one go. Plus, a look at the competition might just push potential tenants to sign even quicker.’s block viewing workflow automatically directs applicants to book appointments on the days and times you’re scheduled to be at the property, saving you hours of time.

Make sure you’ve got compliance sorted

In a recent survey, 43% of agents listed ‘regulatory compliance challenges’ as a major anxiety they were facing. 

We don’t blame them. Between ensuring your property listings meet Material Information (parts A, B and C), that you’ve carried out Right to Rent checks on your tenants, and making sure you have the right documentation and certificates for each property, the compliance burden on letting agents is only getting heavier.

While these compliance tasks are likely here to stay, they can be automated to save you hours of valuable time. Here’s how can help.

Easily comply with Material Information using customisable Property Information Questionnaires 

By now, you should be familiar with the Material Information legislation set out by the National Trading Standards Estate & Letting Agencies Team (NTSELAT).

Previously, you might’ve had to collect the information required from your landlords through lengthy back-and-forth, whether that was over email, phone, or Google forms. Either way, this could have taken up anything from hours to days of your time. 

Now, with’s digital Property Information Questionnaires, you can eradicate the Material Information headache. Fully customise your questionnaire by hiding, adding and reordering questions, before notifying your landlord to complete it from their mobile. Each PIQ is pre-filled with as much information as possible to ensure an easy, smooth experience for them, and reduce errors for you. Simple.

Right to Rent checks, made simple

With the Home Office cracking down on letting agents and drastically increasing penalties by over 400% for Right to Rent breaches in early 2024, finding a quick, reliable way to verify the right to reside status of your tenants is key.

Street Lettings makes Right to Rent compliance effortless by adding the necessary checks to your usual workflow – so you’ll never miss them. 

In, you’ll be able to add documents as evidence, and log permitted occupiers so you’ll always know who resides at the property, and in what capacity. 

Once you’ve carried out a tenant’s Right to Rent checks, will securely store the details and evidence for each check, so you have peace of mind should any issues arise. You won’t have to worry about getting caught out when the checks expire, either – you’ll get a timely notification within giving you the heads up that you need to repeat the process.

Easily keep on top of certifications 

Speaking of getting caught out… 

All letting agents know how stressful it can be to ensure vital documentation like Energy Performance, Gas Safety and Electrical certificates are all up-to-date and available for each property – especially if you’re having to keep track of where they’re stored, and when they expire.

With maximum fines of up to £5,000 for properties found without the necessary documentation, an outdated process could be an expensive risk to take, too.

Luckily, Street Lettings comes with peace of mind, built in. When listing a property, the CRM will tell you exactly which documents are needed, and notify you when they need to be renewed.

So, you can rest assured you’re compliant, without having to keep tabs of every property in your portfolio, or lose days chasing landlords for updated certificates.

Save time by sending (and signing) documents electronically

After all the work you’ve gone to to successfully market a property, secure a tenant, and stay compliant, it’s time to seal the deal.

However, if you’re dealing with multiple tenancies, it can be difficult to keep track of which documents are signed, which haven’t been sent, and which are still sitting in your inbox. In turn, this can stall your tenancy’s progression – and make for disgruntled landlords and tenants.

But why let a clunky, outdated contract process slow you down? 

When you manage lettings with, it doesn’t have to.

In a single click,’s workflow integration Xodo will generate a convenient electronic agreement that your tenants can view and sign directly from their digital device. And when they have? will immediately notify you, so there’ll be no unnecessary hold ups in getting a property tenanted. everything you need to streamline your pre-tenancy process

Don’t let outdated manual processes slow your agency down when progressing a tenancy. By harnessing the power of’s tech, you can shave hours off your weekly to-do list, whether that’s through block viewings, AI-powered property descriptions, automated compliance, digital contracts (or all of the above), can help your agency become radically productive, and take advantage of a booming rental market.

Want to see how can transform your pre-tenancy process? Speak to a member of our team or get in touch for a demo today.