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Tenant life (and yours) made easier with’s Tenant App. 

Change the way you manage rental properties for the better, forever. With’s revolutionary app, tenancies can be managed from the palm of their hand - delighting your tenants with a streamlined and truly extraordinary experience.

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Change the way rental properties are managed, forever.

From viewing tenancy details to submitting maintenance requests in just a tap, your tenants won’t dream of renting with anyone else.

tenant app

AI-powered advice. Fewer inbound requests.

Save your inbox from overload and slash inbound maintenance requests by 20% with’s brand-new AI Maintenance workflow.

Instant support.

By simply typing in the problem, tenants get instant, actionable advice on all common maintenance problems directly in the Tenant App, such as damp, mould, blocked sinks and lighting.

In any language.

Street AI’s Maintenance feature can understand requests from your tenants in any language - whether that’s English, Spanish or Mandarin.

Step by step advice.

With simple, actionable advice, tenants are empowered to resolve issues themselves - resulting in 1 out of 5 jobs being resolved by self-serving tenants.

Day or night.

Office hours are no longer an annoyance for tenants. Instant advice is available 24/7 via the App, with quick links for emergencies.


Instant maintenance requests, with photos and videos.

Say goodbye to vague phone calls and frantic note-taking. All from their app, your tenants can submit detailed maintenance requests in just a few clicks - at any time of the day or night.

Tenants can leave a description, as well as take pictures and videos… instead of trying to describe the issue. And when submitting a report, tenants can add in their contact preferences to ensure the right person is being communicated with.


Better understanding, faster resolutions.

Every time a new job is submitted in the Tenant App, the information is fed straight into your account and you will receive an instant notification. 

Armed with a detailed overview of a tenant’s issue, you’re now better placed to assign each job the appropriate urgency level and give your contractors an accurate description of the job that needs completing - so no one is left guessing.


Live updates, with no phone calls required.

Alleviate tenant concerns and offer them an exceptional customer experience when reporting maintenance issues by keeping them in the loop at all times. 

As you progress a maintenance request in, your tenants will be automatically updated with push notifications and live in-app status updates - allowing them to instantly track where each job is up to.


Important tenancy details available on demand.

The Tenant App is personalised to each individual tenancy, allowing renters to access important information 24/7 - without fishing through paperwork or emails.

Property address

Tenancy expiry date

Rent amount

Next payment date

Contact details for the managing agent


Your agency's branding, not ours.

We don’t want to take the attention away from our agents, which is why the Tenant App is built to ensure your brand shines through.

Pre-populated with your branding.

You don’t need to spend ages designing the Tenant App... it will automatically adopt your branding upon login - displaying your name, logo and colours.

Customised with your details.

Your tenants know exactly who to contact if they have a question. Within the app, they can simply click a button to call or email, as well as find your address if they want to visit.

Seamless tenant experiences.

Within the app, it’s all about your agency. No dual branding, no mixed messages. That guarantees a flawless experience and consistent service for your tenants.

tenant App

Free as part of
Not a bolt-on.

The best bit is that there is no additional cost for agents to utilise our revolutionary Tenant App. It’s included as part of the standard subscription! And of course, your clients can download it for free too.

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